Mr Kevin Magee

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Mr Kevin Magee (BA(Hons) 1983, LLB 1985)

Distinguished Alumni Professional Achievement Award 2011

Mr Kevin Magee (BA(Hons) 1983, LLB 1985) is an Ambassador and senior career officer with Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

His ability to produce results in culturally diverse environments has furthered trade and other economic and diplomatic links with the countries in which he has served.

Mr Magee was recently appointed the Australian Representative to Taiwan and Head of the Australian Commerce and Industry Office Taipei.

From 2008 until mid 2011, Mr Magee was Australia’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. In this position he significantly strengthened the bilateral relationship.  Prior to his Saudi Arabia appointment, Mr Magee was the Director of the China Political and External Section.

Mr Magee’s other appointments include Consul-General in Guangzhou (2003-06), Deputy Head of Mission in Moscow (2001-03), First Secretary in Singapore (1994-97) and Third Secretary in Beijing (1990-92).

He was also a United Nations Disarmament Fellow based in Geneva and New York and joined the 47th Australian Delegation to the United Nations General Assembly in October 1992.

In Canberra, Mr Magee has also held the positions of Director, China Economic and Trade Section (2001), and Director, China Bilateral Relations Section (2000).

Mr Magee worked with the Victorian State Government in a senior advisory capacity from 1997 to 1999.

Mr Magee speaks Chinese, French and some Russian, German and Arabic.

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